Monday, November 1, 2010

Dismantling materialism and becoming aware of the reality construct

Since we’re approaching another potential exit point to the global madness shortly, I decided to write another short blog which is kind of an addendum to my “big picture” blog from 2008. I will share a few more thoughts that helped me to make sense of the recent global developments aswell as an outlook towards the future.

Once the reality rug is pulled out from under our feet I see three major viewpoints that will become popular to explain what happened :

People with an atheistic mindset who believe in darwinian theory of evolution will have to quickly install the conspiracy plugin to maintain consistency of their purely materialistic model of reality in order to explain away unexplainable coincidences as acts of human manipulation. The intelligence for orchestrating the upcoming events must be located somewhere and if your worldview does not allow this intelligence to be part of the reality construct, you’ll have to find materialistic explainations for it. So good luck to this group in inventing a loooot of new conspiracy theories.

People with a theistic mindset will probably thrive on the notion that the “days of judgement” have come and that their God will now fix all problems of the world. While such a solution might be desirable from the viewpoint of each religious group it inherently denies their own responsibility and shifts the blame on all others which is not what the learning experience of “Learning Lab Earth” is all about, so good luck to this group aswell in waiting for external salvation.

People with a holistic mindset might be best off as long as they don’t have any dogma standing in their path of expansion. I consider the ability to think on multiple levels of reality at the same time is key to making sense of reality itself. The days of flat-earth-thinking are numbered because these models of reality will not be able to explain the upcoming events.

The dismantling of dogmatic beliefs will be a key issue for all three groups because dogma is not only standing in the path of our individual but especially in the path of our collective development. Even though a lot of individual beliefs have been questioned by the people who have woken up in the recent past, the vast majority of collective beliefs are still quite rigid and will require to be shattered in their foundations even more intensly. The main result I expect from this shakeup is that the upcoming events will neither be explainable as a collection of coincidences nor as an act from God and that the quest for the intelligence behind the plot will lead to interesting conclusions.

I labeled this blog “Dismantling materialism and becoming aware of the reality construct” because this title represents the conclusion I expect to be drawn by humanity as a result of this quest. Once the dogma of a purely materialistic world view is cracked open a whole new way of perceiving the world becomes possible : If the material world is not absolute anymore but just a reflection of an underlying information construct then the material world is no longer objective. With that the core premise of science “we live in an objective universe” goes out the window and the removal of the roadblock of objectivity will then open new pathways to understand reality itself.

This new understanding of reality will allow for a completely new take also on its hidden and suppressed aspects. Let’s take my pet subject of 9/11 as an example on which I altered my views slightly compared to my older blogs : The notion that human masterminds within western goverment plotted this event in order to deceive their own population and advance their agenda of world domination and total population control only holds true to some extent. When looking at it from a higher level 9/11 was created as a result of the collective state of mind of all of humanity at that time. It was a reflection of the vast extent of hypocrisy that western culture is built upon, it fulfilled the desire of large portions of the well-off population to maintain the status quo just a little longer and it fulfilled the expectations of large parts of the poor population that nothing will ever change. Additionally to that it also was an excellent example for the theory of radical constructivism and its insight that the world view you hold in your mind limits your ability to see what is really going on. So those elements within western governments who staged the fake “war on terror” already knew in advance that they could count on the ignorance of the masses because people just don’t want to face that their entire civilization is built on monstrous lies and that the population will rather accept more new lies than facing the entire pile of old lies.

When moving up another layer of reality you can see that even those who plotted the fake “war on terror” have been used themselves since they unknowingly planted one of the most important truth detonators in the collective consciousness of humanity. On this level of reality you can see an intelligence at work that is not originating from within the conscious mind of humans. This intelligence is located within the reality construct itself but it is influenced by human thought and emotion and it is this intelligence that came up with a solution to reveal this pile of monstrous lies of human civilization in a way that would blow all individual human minds out of the water by confronting them with their own ignorance in a paradigm-shattering way. This process of a precisely timed shattering the global paradigm requires access to the lifes of so many individual people that not even the best conspiracy of the world could control it but as long as the grand masterplan of waking up humanity through shock therapy is unknown to most people the reality construct can invent sub-conspiracies which can be very real and the people involved in them can thrive on the illusion of controlling an “important” aspect the world. But as long as they are knowingly deceiving and manipulating other people they will be unknowingly deceived and manipulated by the reality construct to teach them a lesson.

Enabling unique life experiences seems to be very high up on the priority list of the reality construct and dismantling the illusions and reveiling parts of the reality construct itself has such profound implications on the collective experience of all players in the game that the construct itself is ensuring that no truthspeaker crosses the line of plausible deniability until the right time of a global unveiling has come. So it is not about bringing down the illusions by force from the inside but rather about building awareness on a mental level which erodes the foundation of these illusions and causes them to implode under their own weight and thus opening up a completely new learning experience for those who choose to remain in the game.

When looking at the current state of reality with respect to finances and the economy it looks like most of the foundation and supporting structure of the surface reality has been removed but the thin crust still miraculously bears the applied load. So let’s see where the next steps of this process are about to take us. I don’t see any besides collapse but after what happened over the last 3 years I’m increasingly open for more miracles even though we might not have earned any more miracles by being so collectivly ignorant and just blindly heading towards catastrophy. Sticking with the image of a thin crust probably the most desireable solution would be not a total collapse but that all government institutions and the big global corporations just sink through the crust and disappear from the surface of reality while the infrastructure to rebuilt society from a grassroot level remains intact and enables those who survive the collapse of civilization to self-organize instantly.

This part of the near-term future still remains in deep layers of fog, so it is upto humanity as a collective to write the next pages of the script. We should never forget that all those shadows on the wall which appear to be chasing us into an abyss are derived from thought forms and emotions which we have come up with collectively but what if this mechanism is revealed to us by the events playing out ? Will we deny responsibility for our own creations and allow them to kill us off or will we take responsibility for the past and by doing so regain the power to create a better future in a conscious manner ? The time to choose is upon us.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Denial and dissociation as coping mechanisms

Since I did a lot of research in the field of trauma based mind control I felt like writing another short blog to point out aspects of the current global situation and trauma psychology in general :

It is a known fact in psychology that trauma survivors have gaps in their memory. These gaps are a protection mechanism by the psyche of the victim in order to cope with traumatic abuse. Especially when a child is abused by a caregiver that the child depends upon for his survival, this child only has the options to deny that the perpetrator’s actions are abusive or not to notice the actions at all by dissociation.

These psychological processes of denial or dissociation can also be observed on a different level of society, where the caregiver is the government and the child is the citizen. Since most western governments have set up a system of total dependency and control it is pretty difficult to live outside of “the system”. Due to this dependency the same psychological mechanisms kick in when the government acts abusive, deceptive or outright criminal. Any citizen that is not willing to think “outside the box” will have to go along with the government by applying either denial or dissociation to the actions of the government.

The fear of “facing reality” increases as the world in general appears to become more dangerous. These psychological mechanisms are well-known by governments and they make use of them by creating artificial threats like global terrorism or the swine flu in order to reinforce the denial or dissociation. This way they make sure that their own populations feels helpless and fearful and ideally worships the government as a savior. Fortunately these mechanisms are increasingly failing which is reflected in a general mistrust of governments. But since the government and the “overall system” are inseparably amalgamated there is no real alternative to turn to which makes sure even people who have lost faith in their own government stay within their mental box of government administrated helplessness.

From trauma psychology there is only one way to break the link between the perception of threat and blindness to deceptions by authority : If the dependance on those authorities is reduced, the ability to separate lies from truth is regained. While a traumatized child can be put into foster care to get away from the abuser, this concept is not applicable for the government/citizen scenario. In this case only a failure of the entire system will allow the citizens to break free and have his blinders removed. Unfortunately most people might not be prepared for the challenges that come along with this experience and the inseparable requirement to take responsibility for their own life.

Some ideas for this blog were inspired by this paper by Eileen L. Zurbriggen on Betrayal Blindness

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Since it is highly likely that the global financial system is finally going to fail in the very near future it is upto everybody to make wise decisions while navigating through these interesting times without money. Being conscious and awake will allow you to create your own sacred space whereever you are and whatever happens around you. Just try to remain focused and avoid getting draged into the unfolding global insanity.

Fortunately the disintegration process is not going according to the plans of the global elite because at least parts of the population have realized over the last months that the taken measures are not to *help the people* but to *help the system at the expense of the people* which will become even more obvious as the system is now really going to pieces.

The vast amount of denial of the regular population has allowed the system to continue running way further than the elite ever wanted it to run. Even though they wanted chaos to create a new order, they only wanted as much chaos as they could somehow control so they could still steer the process from behind the scenes.

Steering from behind the scenes will soon be impossible, so they will have to come forward and show up openly on the world stage - by that I do not necessarily refer to “new faces” to show up but rather the dropping of the masks of those who are already in power and played Mr/Mrs Niceguy upto now. They might not really enjoy their ego-trip on steroids once they realize that the upcoming chaos is so vast that they can not do anything about it at all. The loss of control is about the most feared event for the elite as well as for the ego-based mind. For those who have not seen through all of the game yet the resemblance of those two aspects on different layers of reality is one of the most crucial of all. Once you understand the interconnectedness of the elite with the ego-based mind in every individual you can become aware of the aspects of your own *dark side* and their role in the manifestation of this reality.

We have an interesting ride ahead of us…a ride into global freedom and global peace but before we get there we’ll have some work to do…within ourselves and at the same time within our external world. Both changes go hand in hand but if we resist the required change, this process can be extremely painful.

The most important thing to do, is to *let go* and since most people don’t want to let go, the provided “help” will be to create the experience to loose everything they considered to be important sofar, because if you already lost everything, you might aswell let go. Once you let go and get in a state of allowance, you will realize that all those things were not really that important and from then on the rest of the process will mysteriously unfold before you as you move along.

During my recent vacation from Youtube I put down several short articles in written form in which I share some more of my viewpoint on the current global situation. If you’re interested in them you can find them on blogspot : or alternatively in my blog section on myspace :

Anybody interested in free energy should check out this website : It has a free 2000 page pdf available ( PJKbook.pdf ) introducing the various different approaches as well as lots of links to other valuable information as papers, patents and websites…

In this video I decided to put out a special spotlight on Bruce Lipton because I have been following his work for some time and I really like the way he presents his basic insights. I consider his insights into self-healing and the subconscious mind essential especially for the time to come when the health system is breaking down. During this phase people need to know that there are other and better ways to fix their health problems. In order to get a first overview on Bruce Lipton’s work I recommend to listen to his appearance on Coast-2-Coast on September 4th, 2008 or alternatively to view this free interview with him on Consciousmedianetwork :

I generally recommend to take a look at some of the other free interviews on the consciousmedianetwork website as well as the radio shows on and to support both for their exceptional contribution to elevate human consciousness.

May peace and wisdom be with everybody during these disturbing times

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Boarding the handbasket - a trip from despair to enlightenment

It seems like boarding is almost complete and within a few weeks we should be ready to go but contrary to some who already see humanity going straight into a new dark age my view on the upcoming disintegration of the global system is that we’re going down in order to gain speed, throw outdated concepts and structures overboard and take off into a new paradigm.

Even though we are facing a very challenging transition phase there actually is also some good news in different areas of research. Since I focused a lot on the “big picture view” in my other blogs I will use this one to put a spotlight on a very particular subject :
I wanted to use this blog to highlight on the research of Dr. Dieter Broers who is a german bio physician and an expert in the area of the application of electromagnetic fields on the human brain. Over the last 20 years he developed devices which help patients to get into a special state of consciousness which could otherwise only be achieved by psychedelic substances. In this state of consciousness which he describes as “standing at the door between the conscious and the subconscious mind” it is possible to come to insights about the root causes for illnesses or psychological problems the patient is struggeling with. By understanding the deeper reasoning behind their illness the patients can then take measures to resolve the root cause of their problems.

When I first learned about his method I was pretty stunned because when I “left the Matrix” I went through several very intense transformative experiences within a period of about 3 weeks. Besides several unintended out of body experiences, the usual Messiah complex and experiencing what I would refer to as “universal consciousness” I also had the distinct experience of “breaking though the wall to my own subconscious” and the insights I came to during this breakthrough experience were at the core of my own transformation. It was pretty much the turning point where I managed to put things back together again and understood “who I really am” and that I had to start dealing with my own dark side hidden in my subconscious.

Now here comes the really interesting part of the story : Over the last years Dieter Broers finetuned his work and discovered that the frequencies he was using in his device were very similar to the frequencies that are emitted from the gamma-ray bursts from the galactic center as well as solar flares from our sun.

Once you combine this with the discovery of NASA released in December 2008 that within the last years the earth’s magnetosphere unexpectedly developed a breach that is four times wider that Earth’s diameter which reduces the shielding from radiation from outer space ( NASA article ) then you have to ask yourself, if there might be a connection.

This reduced shielding seems to be a double-edged sword : If you are living directly beneath this hole you might be subject to unpleasant radiation which your skin might react to in an undesirable way but for the rest of the planet there seems to be a positive effect as the reduced shielding will allow the entry and distribution of frequencies which can help to elevate human consciousness to a new level. If the same frequencies that Dr. Broers uses in his device are collectively applied to all of humanity…What could happen ? Maybe a spontaneous evolution ? A collective enlightenment ?

The complete research of Dr. Dieter Broers is currently only available in a german book titled “Revolution 2012" so this might only be of interest for people familiar with german language. He also gave a very interesting radio interview - also only in german - which is available for free here : CropFM Interview
For those who do not speak german there might be some good news aswell : He summarized his findings in a documentary which was shown at Cannes 2009 and will be released in Germany on DVD this november - hopefully also with an english soundtrack :

The interesting part will be how we manage to build our pathway into the future based on the mess we have gotten ourselves into. The main question for me still is whether we are granted the option of a “fast path solution” which I see at least some potential for or whether we will go for the “long and winding road” which pretty much follows the time schedule that Clif High and his webbot are predicting. I decided to prepare for the latter and still keep all my focus on the first because I think there is reason for this hope :

If you look at how much could have gone wrong over the last two years alone and how incredibly small chances were that we managed to maintain system stability for so long then there is reason to believe that we will experience another highly unlikely event which could transform the mess we got ourselves into rather quickly. But one thing is certain : The system we currently live in will have to fail and it has to fail in such an obvious and shocking way that the majority of the people who manage to survive the experience of this crash will have no desire to rebuild a similar system but will rather be open for completely new concepts of organizing society.

As far as a resolution of the chaos and despair we will find ourselves in shortly is concerned I pretty much support all aspects of Clif High’s recent reports - except for his timing because I think we should aim to shorten the transition phase significantly in order to reduce global suffering. We will have to re-organize ourselves in a decentralized way, we will have to completely abolish the concept of central control because it is the corruption of centralized control that has gotten us in this mess and we will not solve it just by replacing the old corrupt leaders with new corrupt leaders. The only way will be to completely abolish the system and since the majority of the people will not understand the necessity for this step we might have to watch the system destroy itself first before we can start over.

Interesting times ahead…Let’s get comfortable in our handbasket and do our part in setting the course it takes

Thursday, August 20, 2009

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

My current big picture view

I’ll to try to tie in some of the core aspects of my view of our world into a holistic big picture without ending up writing a book about it.

As quantum physics has shown, we can change our external world on the small scale simply by observing it (duality of wave and particle). So our thoughts and expectation do not only affect our perception of reality but also reality itself. A direct observation of cause and effect seems to work only in the quantum world while in normal everyday life our thoughts appear to have no effect on our external world. In our newtonian world view we require an instant cause-effect relationship and the idea that our thoughts create our reality with a certain timedelay does not fit in the picture.

Denying “mind over matter” enables you to deny responsiblity for your own thoughts and it deprives you of your own power to create the reality you desire. This is in the interest of those who know about the secret laws this reality is based upon and who intend to control it through this knowledge. Keeping the masses in ignorance and ridicule about the power of thought is the basis to set up a deceitful mind prison :

Instead of creating external reality based upon internal desires the process is reversed and external reality is accepted as a given limiting any thoughts to fit to the appearant constraint of external reality. This way external reality is created according to what is considered possible and the information about what is possible is taken from the outlets of mainstream reality : The mass media and the educational system

This denial of possibilities which go beyond the current paradigm by the vast majority of the human population ensures the creation of a corresponding reality of lack and limitation. Even though many creative individuals have made groundbreaking discoveries in areas like free energy or alternative medicine which could solve human suffering on a large scale, a roleout into the mainstream is circumvented by the limiting beliefs in the human mass consciousness.

When perceiving the world from this perspective the “powers that be” are only playing the role to hinder the manifestation of individual creative thoughts in mainstream reality which do not fit into the limited world view of the masses. Nevertheless creative thoughts can manifest in compartmentalized realities like black government projects or other places which do not draw any public attention to them.

Over the last decades we experienced a self-reinforcing process : As human consciousness raised and more and more people showed interest in “forbidden” knowledge this lead to the allowence of further distribution of this knowledge by new manifestations like the internet. Even with the internet a compartmentalization of knowledge was possible because there is so much useless information on it that you only find valuable information if you are really looking for it. In case you accidentially stumble upon information you are not yet ready to conceive, your own mind will filter it out for you due to the mind control by the mass media, which tells you what is real and what is not.

Even though we have this self-reinforcing system which is telling everybody what to believe is real, the amount of people who are not buying the “fake reality” anymore is increasing and by that the veil of consciousness which is separating the still compartmentalized “realities of creative thought” from mainstream reality is becoming more and more transparent.

The final raising of this veil will be a complex event as this reality shift requires changes on multiple levels of reality at once. It also means the merger of all these formerly compartmentalized realities with mainstream reality which will lead to a completely different world : Extra-terrestrial/Extra-dimensional life, free energy, teleportation, you name it, all the topics from your favourite science fiction movies will become part of your future, as long as you are willing to make the required leap.

This required leap is a shift in consciousness about how we perceive our entire reality because if we were given all these new opportunities and continued to perceive ourselves as seperate from the world and each other we would simply use them to completely destroy ourselves. So before these new opportunities become available we have to understand some of the basic principles of our reality and life itself. It is only after we take responsibility for our thoughts and actions that we can step into our own power of deliberate co-creation of reality.

Since the current system increasingly shifted responsibility from the individual towards big government we ended up with an infantile population that is feeling powerless and projects all their hope to fix the problems towards their goverment, which can not live up to these expections as it has become so corrupt and hypocritical that it will simply disintegrate once the mass consciousness is ready to shift and all those very disturbing truths of history will be released.

One of the core principles of our society is the externalization of blame. We always need a scapegoat to blame so we do not have to question our own share of responsibility for what happened. Once all the lies about 9/11 and the fake “war on terror” are exposed, it will not be possible to blame muslim terrorists anymore but we will have to blame our own western governments for this scam. But that is also just another scapegoat because they have simply told their population the lies their population wanted to hear to fulfill their main desire : No change and maintaining the status quo

Once the externalization of blame fails due to the understanding of these connections behind our fake reality people will have to make a choice : They will have to face reality and the very painful insight that this deceiption only worked due to their own lack of self-honesty. By re-establishing self-honesty within themselves they automatically take responsibility and by that will come into their own power.

Unfortunately a lot of people might not be willing to face reality and their responsibility for what was allowed to happen and they might decide to “leave”. Once you understand that you are neither your body, nor your mind but simply a spiritual being having a human experience in this reality, it becomes a lot easier to accept their choice. They might leave this reality but their essence will remain and simply start over and make new experiences in a different reality. Not everybody who is currently incarnated on this planet is capable to handle the drastic shift we are headed for and a lot of souls already knew that before they came here. They just wanted to be a part of this big adventure and make a contribution to it well knowing that it would be others who benefited from their contribution. This might be difficult to understand from a viewpoint of separation but from a transcendental viewpoint it makes a lot of sense because We are all One, we just had to forget this major insight to play our role in this reality based on duality and separation.

If you read all this, maybe a few things rang true to you. Maybe you even came to the conclusion that there was something wrong with the way you used to view the world and that maybe it is time to rethink your own viewpoint. Being able to question yourself, your attitudes, beliefs and actions is a major step towards waking up. While you are in this process you might look back at some of the things you did, which now - after attaining a new level of awareness - appear as a mistake. But there is no point in blaming yourself for that. You can only act based on the level of awareness / consciousness you have in the current moment. Looking back to a past event from the current - and hopefully higher - point of awareness and starting to blame yourself for making a mistake is a waste of time. What you can learn from such an experience is to be more thoughtful in the now in order to avoid future regrets.

Humanity as a collective is at a point in history where being thoughtful is more important than ever before because we are used to learning the important lessons of life through suffering and we can choose to continue on the pathway of ignorance and prove that this principle is still working. We can also choose the pathway of wisdom by acting thoughtfully, by questioning our own beliefs and by trying to understand what is really going on around us.

We have free will and thus we have the freedom of choice.